Dramatic Monologue

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Precariously balanced above the fighting, I observed as the battle waged between the fierce combatants, leaving a path of destruction as they carved through the decimated house. It was an outlandish sight. Four of the kingdom's most renowned assassins, two elves and two humans, all in the same room struggling to effectuate a single wound on the red haired lady. Her movements caused her to appear as a flaming leaf on the wind in the fierce surges of a tornado. Her hair billowed red and her eyes shone the color of a blood moon. To her enemies the crimson and black attire served as an ominous foreshadowing of their spilt blood. Minutes past as I lounged above, though the tension made it seem like hours. Both parties’ energies were waning, and…show more content…
"I can't speak for the him, but I opt to abandon this particular job." I glanced pointedly at Hugo. His head swiveled contentiously between the woman and me, but as much of a dullard as he was, he knew he would meet his doom trying to fight the both of us. "Tch. I'm out. This isn't worth it." I grinned infuriatingly, nearly causing Hugo to rethink his decision. "Hey kid," Andre called. "Watch yourself. If she were in apex condition, she could give you a run for your money. Or for your head." With the nearly humorous parting words the two remaining men disappeared into the night, leaving their wounded allies for whomever happened to pass next. I pivoted and faced the female assassin. "Walk with me," I said to her, as I casually strolled towards the exit. Her eyebrows raised in surprise. The red haired assassin must have deemed it safe to follow as she soon caught up to me. She was a bit shorter than me with lengthy red hair and eyes that shined with both youth and experience, and appeared to be young, but still several years older than

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