Interior Monologue

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It 's been days that I 've been feeling like I 'm not myself. Although I think I know the reason why I have a been feeling this way, the lack of stimulus, human interaction or the convenience of being able to light a room with a push of a button. I found myself looking for things that I end up not needing. Maybe it 's paranoia that if I cannot feel when I reach for it, it will be forever lost in the darkness. Looking out the window before it gets dark, I saw my neighbor sweeping the road in front of her house over and over again. It wasn 't dirty or anything, at least not anymore. She did a good job clearing the leaves and twigs that the super typhoon left behind. It looks like she is after the insignificant stones that you wouldn 't feel…show more content…
Maybe it was because she was wearing flip flops? Why does it even matter to me? I said to myself, this is what boredom looks like, she was bored as hell. Then the power came back on. I heard kids screaming with joy in the distance. I imagine what sounded like grown men winning the lottery. I went downstairs with an appetite. Took the plate of food I had forgotten to eat and placed it inside the microwave to heat. As I was eating the steaming plate of goodness, I felt this sudden intense feeling of sadness. like an entity of forgiveness and acceptance floating on top of me dropping all its bad juju on my head and to my skin. The problems I had before the outage went away briefly with it. They are back with new convictions. After days of worrying about things like sunsets and sunrise are now bills, deadlines, My cell phone with dozens of missed calls and messages. I 'm going to sleep with the sound of burning firewood

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