Brief Summary Of Nathan's 'Cognitive Dramatic Play'

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Cognitive dramatic play Nathan takes few bowls from the shelf and places it on the table one beside the other. He grabs two fish from the refrigerator and places it near the bowls. He takes the juice bottle from the basket and places it on the table. He picks a pan and washes it. He puts strawberry, grapes and few small cups in the pan. He holds the pan in one hand and walks to the table. He picks the strawberry and puts in a bowl; picks grapes and put in another bowl. He takes two small cups and put in bowls. He places the pan on the floor; picks a spoon in hand; sits down on the floor and hold the juice bottle and keeps aside. He scoops strawberry and pretends to eat. He takes the small cup from the bowl and scoops from the cup.…show more content…
He used both large and small muscle movement of the body in the same place. He enjoyed the rocking horse ride in slow and fast pace. Through the observations it shows that, Nathan was able to use his complete strength to rock the horse vigorously with good balance and control. Fine motor Pouring Nathan holds one jug with his left hand and another jug with his right hand. He lifts the first jug with water and brings it to the opening of the other jug. He tilts the jug and pours water slowly into the second jug in a continuous manner till he empties the jug. He looks into the jug and keeps it on the tray. He points to the water spilled on the tray. When teacher said, “It’s all right to spill”, he lifts the second jug and pours water into the first jug. He continues pouring from one jug into the other repeatedly without stopping. He continues the process of pouring with less spill of water. Nathan was able to tilt the jug in one hand and pour water into to the other jug. In the same way he poured the water back into the first jug. He continued the process of pouring several times with less spill of water. He poured water from one jug into the other without any difficulty. Nathan showed good development of eye-hand coordination control over smaller muscle

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