Dramatic Shift In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Throughout the story, we see dramatic shift in Jem's attributes. In the beginning, Jem is overbearingly bossy and doesn't want anyone to see him with his sister. An example on page 46 shows this. Scout has a piece of gum Another example is when Jem tries to show off to Dill that he's not scared. However, later on in the story, after Jem starts to mature, Scout is surprised when Jem gets frustrated at Mrs. Dubose. Although, he does seem to learn from his mistakes. "Jem picked up the candy box and threw it into the fire. He picked up the camellia, and when I went off to bed I saw him fingering the wide petals." Jem's ego is strong in the first couple of chapters, but through the month of reading with Mrs. Dubose, Jem has learned to be forgiving,
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