Drawing 100 Technique

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Drawing 100 is a class in which students are not only able to learn basic drawing techniques for the creation of a three-dimensional illusion of form and space in a two-dimensional composition, but also helps students from different majors adopt these techniques for their benefit to improve their work in their field of interest. In my case, I have noticed that Drawing 100: Form and Space has been very helpful to shape my view what type of artist I want to be in the area of Film and Television. My major is not only about filming a story, editing and playing it on a screen; it is about visualizing how you want to put words or images into movement to express something and transmit emotions to an audience. To be able to do this successfully, a filmmaker needs to consider the actors and the script, but also the setting, the background, lighting, among others.

In the Drawing 100 class we learned many aspects such as gesture and contour drawings, cross-hatching, the chiaroscuro technique to add value and two and three-point
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When I learned about chiaroscuro and how to use it, I realized how important it was to notice where the light hits in certain objects and how when you change where the lighting is placed the whole setting could change. Lighting in a setting for a film is one of the most important factors. If it is during nighttime, a filmmaker wants to have the perfect light for it to be visible yet still look dark; or if it is daytime or indoors the light needs to be set to avoid too much clarity. In addition, the emotions transmitted by the scene or even the film as a whole might depend on the light used. If it is a refreshing, comedic scene then a filmmaker seeks to use lighter settings than if it is a dramatic one. Therefore, chiaroscuro in drawing takes part in storyboarding for film and television to consider in detail how the lights and shadows should look
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