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For many majors at SCAD, Drawing 101 is a required class to take, as nearly all of visual art requires the hand to create convincing drawings to represent a vision, real or imaginary. My current major, animation, a field of study to which drawing is incredibly important. Drawing 101 not only teaches aspiring animators important technique and skills, but also gives students time to practice them. Each and every project and assignment is important to animation. First, I learned was how to draw faces in a couple of unusual ways: blind contour and continuous contour. Before working on these drawings, I knew it would be tough to create a realistic contour drawing. The key to success with these odd couple of drawing methods is to focus on the…show more content…
It taught how the variation of line weight emphasizes aspects of the figure. When you know how to vary lines, you can capture the feeling of your subject much better. Animators absolutely need to know how to convey the feeling of their subject, as it is their job to bring the subject to life in an animated form as strongly as possible. Drawing the plaster busts is another aspect of the class that is useful in animation. This project required another kind of line drawing with shading. Learning how to incorporate geometry and shading into a drawing is a vital part of creating a realistic world, and while not all types of animation require every object to be shaded, it is important to think about how light hits objects and the effect it can have on the overall look of a scene. Light was explored even more in-depth in the next project, which was made with charcoal on black paper. Finally, color was incorporated into the analogous and landscape drawings. While not all animation majors are fond of pastel, these projects were important in expanding knowledge of color. The analogous color drawing introduced texture and reflective light into drawings to add a more three-dimensional, and more realistic, feeling to the drawing. For some types of animators, texture is important in designing a world that feels real and

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