Drawing Horses Short Story

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Sometimes our attitude or mood changes within time. Just like in these two fictional stories, the characters both start looking at the positive sides throughout the end. In “Drawing Horses” Marisa is stressing out because she doesn’t know how to illustrate horses like someone who she strives to draw like. Even though Marisa keeps on messing up, she still has hope in herself. As well as in the “Excerpt from The Black Pearl”, the narrator’s dad tells his son that he can’t go with him to the seas. But during the falling action, the narrator’s dad finally changes his decision and lets his son come with him. After reading the two stories “Drawing Horses” and the “Excerpt from The Black Pearl”, the characters both start to revise how they react in…show more content…
Whenever she tries to sketch the horse, she ends up erasing the whole thing. Marisa just doesn’t like the way she draws her horses and wants it to look more like Euphemia’s. On line 26 it states. “I scratched a big X through my earless, macaroni-legged horse, wadded it up into a little ball, and stuffed it under the lid of my desk.” This shows that Marisa keeps on messing up and it is frustrating her. As the story goes on, she starts to think more propitious and draws an illustration that pleases her. Marisa goes outside where her neighbor’s horses are and enjoys the beautiful view. At this point, this is where Marisa finally gets an idea of what she should draw and hurries back inside to get the supplies she needs. Now that she has this view right in front of her, it will be easier for Marisa to draw these horses with with the perfect sunset in the background. “It doesn’t look exactly like one of Euphemia’s horses, of course. But I already know that when this drawing is finished, I’ll be signing it Marisa.” From this piece of evidence, it can be shown that Marisa is commencing to learn how to appreciate her own drawings and that it doesn’t have to look exactly like
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