Drc Culture Influence On American Culture

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The DRC is touches the Central African Republic, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Angola. Because the DRC is surrounded by over five countries it is a prime target of emigration. Emigration is not bad, but the DRC is filled with different ethnics and cultural influences. For, instance, since culture is learned a lot of different influences go into the DRC culture. For example, the Rwanda genocide in the late 1990s thousands of thousands of individuals from the Hutu tribe fled to the DRC bringing the language of Rwanda-Rundi; as a result of the genocide Rwanda-Rundi is “the 5th most common language in the [DRC]” (“Where on earth do they”, n.d.). And since culture is learned and serves a variety of functions the language has prospered as the result of interethnic relationships and intercultural cooperation “culture is shared, transmitted from generation to generation…” (Samovar, et al., 2015). Parents teach their children the languages they speak and then the children teach the languages they were taught and as a result Rwanda-Rundi has been passed down from generation to generation to now being one of the most common languages in the DRC.
Africa “is the birthplace of mankind” (“Congo, Republic”, n.d,) and some of the oldest traditions originated from Africa like the use of make-up and stone tools. Africa was impacted by the slave
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The culture of the DRC is just one of a billion examples of what culture is and what it is made of. The culture of DRC can be expressed through its: demographics, region, history origin, social issues, values, core assumptions, cultural expressions, and notions of death; from Christian and Muslims to women making fufu to funeral celebrations. The culture of the DRC is rich in innovations, traditions, beliefs, and even corruption in the government, the good and the bad are what make up the DRC culture and what also makes it

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