Dream Catchers Research Paper

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My life has been through Hell and back. It all started when I lived in Greenville, Florida, and I played football for a Pop Warner football team. The name of the team was the Greenville Dream Catchers. My coach’s name was Coach Newton; he was a very serious type guy that would hate to lose a game. He would make the team run if we lose a game. Coach Newton would always get everyone together before the game and talk to us about how important the game was and how far the game of football could take us. I would always listen to every speech he would tell the team, I would take them in hard.
The big day came and the team made the final round in the play-offs. Everyone had a little fear in their eyes, because no one had made it this far. We could not believe we
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I always would remember a quote that my coach told me and the team “Do you want to be history or make history?” When the game was over everyone looked up at the scoreboard. The score was 20 to 14. When I turned around and looked at everyone I saw many down faces and tears. Coach Newton called the team together in our locker. One of the players took the game so hard that he did not want to come together with the team. Coach Newton said to everyone,” Keep your heads up every one of us are winners in his book.” As I play football today the quote my coach gave me to keep in my head helps me with a lot. When I turned 17 I got the quote tattooed on my chest so if I am doing something and I try to give up it makes me grind harder. I never give up on something I love or like to do. I want to make history in my school and in collage and etc. I love football it’s my life. I think today if I keep my grades up I think I could end up in college or some were. When I am at practice I work hard each and every day so when the game comes I am ready to give my all.
I believe everyone that is an athlete should have a quote or a message that they could remember and succeed
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