Dream Machines: A Rhetorical Analysis

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A multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed in Alabama against the makers and marketers of Grand Theft Auto, claiming that months of playing the game led a teenager to go on a rampage and kill three men, two of them police officers, according to CBS news. It seems like today the media is determined to box everyone who plays video games into psychotic criminals. But the truth is, that despite the negative one-sided picture the media tries to paint in regards to video games, there are also proven benefits. Will Wright claims in his article “Dream Machines” that video games have positive effect on players. Wright uses powerful vocabulary, examples, and his knowledge of video games to persuade his audience that games have many positive effects on players. In the article Dream Machines, Will Wright tries to persuade his audience to understand that video games have positive effects on the players, such as creativity, community, self-esteem, and problem solving. Wright gives many great reasons and evidence throughout his article supporting his claim. Wright shows an example and reasoning of how games help with problem-solving skills. He talks about how children don’t just use the manual, but rather use trail and error to figure out how to play the game. “Just watch a kid with a new videogame. The last thing they do is read the manual. Instead, they pick up the …show more content…

This helps the reader connect and understand the scientific method of the games. It helps the video game players remember what it was like to experiment by trial and error. Wright uses examples to reach the emotions and bring back memories of readers. “Just watch a kid with a new video game. The last thing they do is read the manual. Instead, they pick up the controller and start mashing buttons to see what happens. This isn’t a random process; it’s the essence of the scientific

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