Dream Of An Hour Analysis

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The Dream of An Hour - A Puzzle throughout Human History
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The original name of “The story of an hour” is “The dream of an hour”. On the one hand, the “dream” means that the news of Mr.Mallard’s death was not true and Mr.Mallard’s longing towards future can not come true, everything happened as if in a dream; on the other hand, it symbolizes the desire of being free of women in the river of human history.

Ⅰ. Kate Chopin is absolutely a feminist author
In the old society, women always appeared as dependent, family-centered, and seemed to have no dream and desire. Kate Chopin realized it, revolt it by writing stories, such as “At Fault(1890)”, “The Awakening(1899)”, and “The story of an hour(1894)” that reflected this unconscionable phenomenon and clearly, daringly demonstrated the hidden thoughts in women’s hearts which might not even be discovered by themselves - the desire towards freedom.
In “The story of an hour”:
(1) When Mrs.Mallard heard the news of Mr.Mallard’s death from Josephine, she “did not hear the story as many women have heard the same, with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance”. She burst into passionate weeping, wildly, just like “a storm”; after this, “she went away to her room alone and would have no one follow her.” (Here used one literary element - Symbolism. Kate used the feature of violent storm to describe Mrs.Mallard’s wild sadness in that moment and implied the sadness would fade away in a while, just like the storm. ) From
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