Dream Of The Rood, The Canterbury Tales, And Doctor Faustus Analysis

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Throughout unit one we read and learned about many characters. The works we read throughout unit one was Dream of the Rood, The Canterbury Tales, and Doctor Faustus. All of these reading we read throughout had one very important similarity. The similarity they all had was religion. Religion played a very huge role throughout the readings however, religion was represented differently in all the readings. In the poem The Dream of the Rood religion plays a significant role through the characters. The poem tells and shows readers before, during, and after the crucifixion of Christ through deep descriptions. The characters throughout are the dreamer, the rood, and Christ. These characters are all very significant throughout because the dreamer is represented as a believer/worshipper, the rood represents the cross, and Christ who died for all our sins. During the poem the rood shows and tells readers everything Christ went through. Religion plays a huge role because the crucifixion of Christ throughout the poem is a modern Christian teaching. In the quote “They drove dark nails into me; the dints of those wounds can still be seen, open marks of malice; but I did not dare maul any of them in return. They mocked both of us. I was moistened all over with blood, shed from the man’s side after he had sent up his spirit.” shows readers some of the things Christ and the rood went through during the crucifixion (34). The crucifixion of Christ is a very big deal for many people who are
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