Dreamchasers In Of Mice And Men

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During the Great Depression, millions of people lost their jobs and went homeless. Dreams, however, were one thing that kept people hopeful throughout this rough era. In order to pursue their dreams, men went searching for work to earn money. In the novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, many of the characters are dreamchasers. Each of them has something he wants to accomplish, but he knows there are going to be some obstacles standing in his way. The main characters, George Milton and Lennie Small, share a dream of having their own property for security and being independent. A variety of obstacles get in the way of their dream, but they stay motivated to reach their goal. Through characterization, conflict, and irony, George knows the…show more content…
Throughout the novel, the dream gets more approachable. George tries his best to keep Lennie out of harm's way, but cannot always be around. Lennie, in the barn, accidentally breaks one of the puppies necks because of how strong he is and how he has no limits. This foreshadows the death of Curley’s wife's’ death. Lennie continued to play with her hair after she said to stop. He wouldn’t let go which caused her to worry. Lennie began to panic when she began to scream. He covered her mouth to muffle her cries for help with his large hands and eventually snapped her neck, killing her too. “I done a real bad thing,” knowing he has done something George would be upset about, Lennie runs away to the place George told him to go if he was in trouble. When George finds him, he knows he has to kill him because he didn’t want anyone else to shoot him or let him live miserably in an asylum. Once he’s gone, so is the dream. The irony is the two men worked so hard yet they never accomplished their dream. Once Lennie is killed, the dream is completely over. George told Lennie about the dream for comfort, security, and a reminder to survive. In Of Mice and Men, characterization, conflict, and irony all show the difficulty in reaching George and Lennie’s goal. Even though life was rough, the two friends toughed it out together. Although they did not achieve anything, they stayed strong. Dreams may seem hard
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