Dreamer's Eye Persuasive Speech

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Word Microsoft Corporation USE APP Dreamer 's Eye.docx 1 / 6 Dreamer’s Eye “It’s been noted as this year’s hottest gadget but this goes beyond what’s on the trend list. This goes deep into scientific and technological exploration and blows all other inventions and findings out of the water!”. I stare blankly at the same overly enthusiastic blonde news reporter on my T.V. She looks over at her co-anchor with child-like eagerness as he pulls out the-“It’s the Dreamer’s Eye!” I cringed at her borderline screeching, making a fool of herself on live television, but that’s how everyone been since this damn thing came out. I sighed and flicked off the T.V. I haven’t been able to avoid the mentioning of this product anywhere not online or…show more content…
I’ve have patients who are overnight success and haven’t heard from due to then using this miracle product.” “I have a good feeling that you can do what the Dreamer’s Eye slogan, which is you can take control of your dreams and I know that your dream is to finally have a sense of control so” she bend to grab the infamous box and places it in my lap. “I went and gotten you one myself.” I didn’t say anything for awhile I didn’t even think anything for once . I just muttered a thank you and left the facility as fast as I could. I made it home placing the box on my grey sofa and glancing at the time 10:00pm hfmp traffic really does suck up a lot of time. I sat next to box looking at the bright and smiling people placing the helmet over their heads and the cartoonish don’t printed on it. I really sank in to my sofa reflecting on my own beliefs being so strongly against this product. Then I thought about me as a person about how I’ve never had a sense of control, meaning, and always was numb to everything and everyone. I thought about how may if I fall into society’s answer for fixing broken people just this once I could be better and have control of my dreams. I suddenly have a sense of hope in this box and put it in my lap and hugging it feeling almost happy. I carried it over to my room being cautious in not tripping cause the contents of the box to break. I made it to my room and sat on my bed and opened the box. The smell of chemicals and plastic never seemed so appealing to me before. In fact little details like that I would overlook and

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