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It is obvious that the Dreamliner project is a great task in which there are countless opportunities to drift from the said schedule designed in the beginning. For instance, there were more than a hundred companies participate in the production and development of the Dreamliner.

5-1 Description of the Problem
The emptiness that the Dreamliner plans to fill has at least two aspects, the first of which is within Boeing and the other is within the commercial air passenger industry. The costs of fuel, currently, comprise the only big concern for the airlines, although the costs of fuel alone do not represent the costs of less than smart management during the last ten years more or less.
The air industry, as well as Boeing, suffered and
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However, Airbus may offer a possible alternative product; but such product will not be, in any aspect, equal to the Dreamliner. In addition, the Dreamliner will be further supported by the history of and reputation of Boeing especially in terms of sales to commercial airline companies.

Several years ago, Boeing learned its outsourcing lessons, and currently seeks to the right size to avoid being unable to work at full capacity. The Dreamliner should contribute to increased capacity, providing Boeing with additional profitable opportunities not associated with the Dreamliner.

It is true that the size of the project and the use of new technology are known, but the impact of each is still unknown. The project is inherently large and complex. However, whereas organizations from different countries will be involved in the design and manufacture of this aircraft, the languages, technology barriers and the regulations of those countries will be existed as risks.

5-4 The Risks of the

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