The Importance Of Dreams

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Dreams are common to man and experienced every single night. People often wake after a dream and wonder what the dream is about, not what dream is or why people dream and what caused the imagery of a particular dream. Like air, which presence is accepted, but taken for granted, people treat dreams in the same way. Nevertheless, there are facts about dreams that may surprise you. Dreaming enhances learning. Dreams are useful particularly when you are learning a new task or preparing for an exam. And, enhancing your learning is most effective if you sleep early instead of flipping through the pages of your book until dawn. Studies show that dreams process and consolidate information. However, to make the most of your dreams, remove distractions from your room such as gadgets. You dream several times in a single night. Though you may not remember dreams when you wake up, the fact is you dream each night. Dreams go through a cycle and for each cycle, your dreams vary…show more content…
There are times when you find yourself mesmerized by a dream and wish you could continue dreaming. Well, you can enjoy your dream a little more. The trick is to lie still and stay in a dreamlike state a little longer. Stay in the position you find yourself in when you were dreaming and continue to feel the emotion. If you move, you disconnect from the dream and the moment is lost. Bizarre dreams also mean something. You may experience a dream you think is bizarre and throw it aside as meaningless. However, even the strangest of dreams is symbolism that hides meanings; you just have to look for it. Experts in the dream field say that dreams relate to a person’s need to understand the self and the outside world. The imagery in dreams may seem incomprehensible, but it is the feeling you experience in your dreams that matter. Analyzing your feelings in dreams and associate it in your dream context will give you an understanding of your

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