Solving Math Problems In David Lambeau's Will Hunting

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Will Hunting (Matt Damon) comes from Southie, a rough district of Boston, and works at night as a janitor at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Will writes on some math class blackboards when no one’s looking. But one day, Professor Lambeau sees Will writing the answer to a problem on the chalkboard, but Will runs away before they can talk. Professor Lambeau discovers that Will is a natural mathematical genius. And Lambeau soon discovers many disturbing things about Will, including the fact that he is stuck in jail for having just physically attacked someone who had beaten him up many years earlier. Lambeau get a lawyer to keep Will out of jail, as long as Will agrees to work on mathematical problems and have psychological…show more content…
But by the help of good people, he was inspired and has dreams. And also he reached his goal. Will’s condition is so different from normal people and it may some people to think that he has mental disorder. But many people are surprised by his math skill especially when he solved the math problems that an MIT professor writes on a hallway chalkboard. For the students, these problems are too difficult to solve, but for Will, they 're easy. And it may make some people love him. Especially Professor Lambeau who really want to help him and make use his intelligence in mathematics positively. Also the most thing which makes him happy is Skylar, his girlfriend. Firstly he was afraid to go and could not like to communicate with psychologist and eventually he could and treated. This is really good movie and I liked the part of how love works and influence to people. It was very amazing and inspiring. I hope everyone 's lover would make huge things like Will and Skylar done. This movie is really encouraging me to study hard. Also remind me that nothing is impossible, and you have still chances even you failed in the beginning or someone who are criticizing you; and the very important thing is, you must keep moving and continue your life with the better you. According to Matt Damon Good Will Hunting is the best movie he ever watch in his life , the movie he wrote with Ben Affleck and the movie where he gave

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