Persuasive Essay On Never Give Up

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Everybody always has dreams in their own life, some dreams are achievable and some are not. People without self-confidence are always scared of chasing dreams because failure is like nightmare in their minds. Nevertheless, those people will never know what did they give up, their crystalline dreams. On the other hand, people with enthusiasm always chase their dream without reasons because they will feel regret if they didn’t try; they may be successful however when they try to challenge themselves. Thus, it is important for people to chase their dreams, challenge themselves and achieve their goals.
If people give up or lose their dreams and live without their goals, they will be very upset and aimless. As same as the poem Dreams by Langston Hughes says, “ Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die; life is a broken bird that cannot fly,” (4). If people give up their dreams and lose their goals, their lives will become the dry arid desert with no color. There is a real example in the book Crossover, Josh
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Even people tried to touch their dreams and got through quite a lot problem in the process of effort, most of them will still get failures and fall down from the sky to the ground. However, it is important to hold fast to dreams and get experience from the process of chasing dreams. “Hold fast to dreams,for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow.(Hughes, 8).” This piece of text shows us without chasing dreams, life will lose vitality and become colorless. Also, people will always feel regret if they have never try. Connecting to the theme it is important to chasing dreams even the finally consequence is not as same as what you expect. During the process of chasing dreams, people will learn more and get more even than they achieve their dreams. Thus, why don’t people just try to challenge themselves? They will be surprise when they find what had they
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