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Dreams; they have been the subject of many songs, poems and other forms of entertainment and literature. I recall when I was a child, Walt Disney’s Cinderella. Cinderella sings the words “A dream is a wish your heart makes” Dreams have left many fascinated and sometimes in fear. Dreams are the images and thoughts that fill a person’s mind while he is sleeping and is an important topic in the field of psychology. Many psychologists have theories as to what dreams mean and what their function is. Some believe dreams reveal our inner wishes and conflicts; they are a wish-fulfillment. Others theorize that dreams help the brain in processing and making sense of all the mind experiences. Do dreams expose one’s inner feelings and fears? Are they some sort of relief for the brain to relax and process? Examining a dream might aid in answering these questions of meaning or if there is any meaning to dreams.
A dream that I repeatedly have is about moving in the United States and overseas. I only recall bits and parts of these dreams, but I remember the main idea of the dream. I dream of getting news of moving, in which my parents tell us where we are to go and I usually experience great excitement. I then start imagining
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These dreams are usually about Hawaii, in which I see the ocean, feel the rhythm of the waves, and imagine I am surfing again. I can feel the warmth of those sunny days and can smell the salty air or fragrant flowers. I remember the carefree, happy times and it is as if I can feel it in my chest. I also have fears that enter my mind about moving. Following a day of anxious thoughts and fears, I will generally dream of moves going wrong such as: finding out we are not going to a place I had expected, our plane crashing, or our belongings getting lost in a move. These are just a few examples of different experiences in
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