Dreams In George Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Do you have a dream?... For example: my dream is to move to a tropical island and live there in the sun on a beach with fresh fruit and a huge house. Your dream might be to win a lottery, or buy a nice car, or do like what I want to do and move away somewhere. The next question I have for you is; do you know anyone that doesn’t have a dream? I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t have a dream, there are those who reach their dreams, but then they just make new ones with higher standards. In the next couple paragraphs I am going to talk about the dreams of three characters from the novella “Of Mice and Men” Those three characters are: George, Curly’s wife and Candy. For George his dream is explained in extreme detail in the text mainly because Lennie brings it up on almost every page. Georges dream is to: move to a ranch with Lennie own a cow, a pig, some chickens, and a pen of Rabbits George also wants to own a couple of acres and have some wheat, barley, and alfalfa growing on them, the last thing that they really want to do is become their own bosses. They want to control where they work, what they do and,…show more content…
Candy is an interesting person when u discus the topic of dreams, I say this because in the beginning of the book to almost the end I don’t think candy has a dream. He is old and he is missing a hand so I think that he thinks that as soon as he can’t sweep the bins clean anymore the ranch will fire him and he won’t have any place to go and in the middle of the book it kind of sounds like he has accepted that future. But towards the end of the novel he hears about George and Lennies dream and he ends up getting in a quote for this is: “George let me come to that ranch with you I have 450 dollars that you can have right now and besides when I die I don’t got no family to give it to so I will just give my share of the place to you”, so then getting to that ranch with George and Lennie is his New
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