Dreams In John Steinbeck's The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

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Everyone has hopes and dreams that they wish to achieve one day, but how do those dreams affect them? People always have something that keeps them moving forward or keeps them from falling apart. Without dreams, nothing would happen. Almost everything starts as a dream that someone wants to pursue. Whether the dream is big or small, it doesn’t matter. Everyone should have dreams, even if the dreams are not achievable because dreams create happiness, motivation, and help people achieve more.
In particular, dreams create a sense of happiness; a place to escape the real world. Lennie had asked George to tell him about their dream, so George started telling Lennie about it. After he had finished, he started thinking. “George sat entranced with
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In the book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, William’s dream was to build a windmill. He also wanted to learn, but his parents couldn’t afford it. Yet, that didn’t stop William. As William was studying books on his own, he began to learn more than just how to build a windmill. He learned about electricity and how it works. After building the windmill, William began adding lights and circuit breakers to his home for his family (Kamkwamba). William had achieved a dream that seemed impossible and along with his dream, he also achieved even more than what he had set out to do. Along the way, he had helped his family and inspired others. However, William isn’t the only person to achieve a lot through his dream. Another person who did that was Martin Luther King Jr., and his dream was the same as Rosa Parks. He had many achievements such as, “In 1963, Dr. King achieved perhaps his most important accomplishment [March on Washington] … King led the boycott on the Montgomery… After his years of historic accomplishments and triumphs, King was honored with the distinguished award [Nobel Peace Prize] ...” (Carpenter). King’s dream was to have equality between races and along the way he achieved a lot. He led protests, started boycotts, and gave speeches. He wouldn’t have done any of that for no reason; he did it for his dream. Most people’s achievements are made on their way to their
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