Dreams In Mige And Lennie's Of Mice And Men

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Title Dreams sometimes are inconspicuous, and at times they can be elusive. Additionally, dreams do not attract nor require a copious amount of attention and they reside covertly in the back of someone 's mind. Perhaps the person has not elected to share their dream, so over time, it becomes a work of tired thoughts and ideas that have grown old and the person misplaces or forgets their own dream. More importantly, it is difficult to identify why some dreams incessantly linger in one 's thoughts. The dream doesn’t burn out, instead, it becomes louder and converts into unorganized patterns. If a dream doesn’t stop, then it becomes callous and a challenge to ignore. Rarely, it transforms into an obsession that loiters in one’s mind, yet the owner doesn’t send it away. In Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie’s dream and the human spirit reside in the same tapestry, which is essential to living life with optimism; even when there is nothing to hold onto. The theme that George and Lennie’s dream constructs are simple, maybe even a little unrefined, but it is theirs. To illustrate their dream they simply want to own some land and live on it by their own authority, all they desire is freedom. In contrast to Lennie, George is aware that’s what he wants, while Lennie likes built-up ideas and how George explains them in a romanticized manner. “I remember about the rabbits, George.” “The hell with them rabbits. That’s all you ever remember.” page 18-19. This illustrates the

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