Dred Scott Argumentative Essay

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Decisions made in the 1850s ultimately decided the United States fate. From the election of 1856 to the Dred Scott case, the nation would become divided into two. The South was pro-slavery and supported the idea of slavery expanded into western territories, while the North opposed of the idea and was mainly against expanding slavery. Until the 1850s the nation barely balanced the slavery issue. The Kansas-Nebraska Act deepened the tension between the North and the South. The Act led to the creation of a new national political party, known as the Republicans. During the 1856 presidential elections, the Republicans nominated John C. Fremont, but unfortunately lost the election to James Buchanan. “The election of 1856, like prior contests, revealed how divided the country had become, and demonstrated the growing strength of the Republican Party” (Griffin, PP2, 11/19/15).…show more content…
Buchanan took it upon himself to avoid any issue that had to do with slavery in the territories. Not wanting to face any consequences on the matter, Buchanan push all matters of slavery to the Supreme Court; such as the Dred Scott case. Dred Scott was a slave who decided to sue his slave owner for freedom after he had been taken into territories where slavery was banned. The Supreme Court Justice, Roger Taney, ruled against Scott; “…not only ruled that slaves were property, not people, but also invalidated the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which barred slavery in much of the Louisiana Purchase” (Sheets, 331). Therefore, abolitionists were enraged and “were now convinced that the time had come for more radical, violent action” (Griffin, PP4,
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