Dred Scott V. Sanford Case Summary

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The Dred Scott v. Sanford case involved a lawsuit made by a slave name Dred Scott claiming that he should be granted his freedom. His claims were based on the argument that his master Dr. John Emerson had illegally held his during trips to Illinois and Wisconsin which were both free territories. With Dr. Emerson having died at the time of the lawsuit, Scott sued his widow. The lawsuit was ultimately taken on by her brother Sanford hens the name Died Scott v. Sanford. Unfortunately for Scott, he was not identified as a citizen because he was a African American. Due to this, his case could not be heard because of the courts could only hear cases regarding citizens complains. In result, Dred Scott was not granted his freedom

The case of Plessy v. Ferguson drew attention to the Jim Crow laws that were established in the South after reconstitution. The issue highlighted in the case was that of the separation of railway cars based on color in Louisiana. A man by the name of Homer Plessy viewed this law as unconstitutional because he could not ride in the whites only railway car despite the fact that he was 7/8th white. Due to the fact that the other 1/8th of him was black, he was classified as this under the law. In disagreement with the law, Plessy rode the white only car and refused to give up his seat leading to his arrest. After which he said on the
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Board of Education is the most famous case involving education in American history. The case highlighted the issue of segregation in the school system . The plaintiff Oliver Brown argued that his daughter should be allowed to attend the whites only school. His argument was based around the fact that the whites only school was much closer to their home than the blacks only school. Much like Plessy v. Ferguson, this case argued the idea of separate but equal. Unlike Plessy v. Ferguson, this case lead to the integration of schools after a unanimous ruling that segregation was
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