Dred Scott V. Supreme Court Case

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These court cases are a big impact to African American rights and their lives. Dred Scott v. Sanford, Dred Scott and his slave owner went to Illinois (which is a free state) then came to Missouri (which is a Slave state) but unfortunately the slave owner died, Dred Scott thought since he just came from a free state he can get freedom so he sued and his case went up 2 the Supreme Court which he loss cause a slave that 's below a regular person can 't sue the government and stayed a slave. The importance of this case is that slaves are not citizen and can 't sue the government and congress had a lack of power ban slavery in U.S. Territories As to the second case Shelley bought a house in Missouri but in that neighborhood there was a there was a agreement not all has sign to keep the colored away from the neighborhood so some of the neighbors were angry and wanted to kick Shelly out of the neighborhood so she sued the head of the neighborhood and won the case because the neighbors thought her there violated he 14th amendment which didn 't and was able to live in her house. The importance of this case was the case didn 't violate the 14th amendment and it changed for black people to buy a house…show more content…
She won the case and was able to go to her nearest school. The Importance of this case is It change the way schools became but caused controversy along the way and It also changed the way they said separated but
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