Dred Scott Vs Sandford Essay

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In 1857, an African American man named Dred Scott sued for his freedom in the Supreme Court. His owners brought him along on their trips across free states. Dred Scott failed in suing before his case was presented in the Supreme Court. Roger B. Taney was the fifth chief Justice of the United States when he wrote the Dred Scott vs Sandford decision. The Dred Scott vs Sandford case ended with the decision that African Americans, free and enslaved, had no rights and could not become citizens because they were property. It also ruled that the federal government didn 't have the power to regulate slavery. After the Dred Scott vs Sandford case, outrage flourished in anti-slavery northerners and an uproar swept through the south. Anti-slavery abolitionists were outraged because the Supreme Court ruled that all African Americans may not become citizens. The turmoil in the south was caused by the somewhat pro-slavery ruling in the Dred Scott vs Sandford decision. According to Shmoop, the popularity for the anti-slavery Republican party surged. The Dred Scott vs Sandford decision became eminent throughout the entire country in the late 1800s. According to, a civil war is a "war between political factions or regions within the same country". The American…show more content…
Not only is it a big part of History, but slavery could possibly still exist today if it wasn 't emancipated by President Lincoln. We can apply our knowledge from the Dred Scott decision to conflicts in racism today. We can compare where we are in racism and conflict to when the Dred Scott vs Sandford case was happening in 1857. Applying our knowledge from the Dred Scott decision is good because we know that, in history, African Americans couldn 't become citizens and were called property. Keeping America multicultural is important and we can do so by using our knowledge of the Dred Scott
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