Dred Scott Vs. Sanford: Effects On American History

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The Results of Dred Scott v Sanford had different effects on American history. This also contributed to the start of the civil war. Dred Scott v Sanford was a court decision on if Dred Scott could sue for his freedom. " According to Supreme Court History, Dred Scott could not sue for his freedom because he was not a citizen. " This was otherwise known as an illegal case. The effects of the Dred Scott decision were Sectional tensions between the north and south, Succession from the union, presidents could not use the term slavery or they would most definitely lose the election. The Contribution to the Civil war that the decision had was that the Republican party was formed, Which made the North and south closer to war. Sectional Tensions were contributed mostly by the Dred Scott decision. According to Supreme Court History, " the north and south were enraged at each other because the Dred Scott decision…show more content…
This is because the north and south had different opinions on slavery, if you used the Dred Scott decision for slavery, you will receive no support from the north. So Dred Scott and slavery had a big impact on the north vs the south. When the Republican party was formed most people believe that it was formed because of the Dred Scott decision. This is because its ideas on slavery convinced them they had to form it. The North really hated slavery and seeing the Dred Scott decision made them realize they had to make this. This party supported banning slavery and wanting to make everyone a free person not a slave. In conclusion, The Dred Scott decision or Scott vs Sanford was a very important event. This event had different effects and it contributed to the Civil War. The effects of the decision and the contribution it reflected on how the north and south hated each
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