Oskar Character Analysis

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Grandma Schell and Thomas Schell Sr. write letters about the Dresden Bombings and their lives in New York, but They have been telling a story that does not fully align one another, emphasizing to the reader that the relationship has failed between the two alluding to the miscommunication between them, while Oskar’s story has an intended goal which Oskar is determined to accomplish. This determination is what shall give Oskar the somewhat happy ending he is searching for. Oskar struggles to get along with his mother for most of the novel. Some situations are utilized more than others such as when Oskar says to his mother “If I could have chosen, I would have chosen you!” (Foer Pg. 171). Oskar immediately regrets his outburst, but the damage…show more content…
Another time Oskar failed to consider the feelings of people was when he spoke with Ron at the dinner table (Foer Pg. 315). Oskar confronts Ron about his family to realize that Ron’s family had been killed. Even after being told this, Oskar inconsiderably questions him about their deaths such as “How come you didn’t die in the accident?”(315). He speaks without thought and believes because he never witnesses Ron cry, that he never cries. This is another example for how Oskar is misguided due to blunt assumptions. This also portrays Oskar’s ruthless critique side that the reader has only seen little to none throughout the novel. If it were implied that Oskar does this regularly, it is assumed that this causes great stress on his mother and causes more struggle in their relationship. After searching for the lock for almost half a year, Oskar finally meets his grandfather, Thomas Sr. Thomas knows that this is his grandson but Oskar is…show more content…
The key had nothing to do with his father, Thomas Jr. thus ending his journey to elongate connection with him. When he has nowhere else to search, he finally confronts his mother about his adventure and to his shock, she was aware and was supporting him throughout the journey. Oskar is being honest with his mother and in return, she tells him the truth as well, which drastically loosens the tension of their relationship. After coming out with everything, Oskar tells his mother “It’s OK if you fall in love again.” (Pg.324) which implies that Oskar is finally experiencing closure after this long endeavour with the key. This closure is not met from solving the mystery nor did it resolve the relationship struggle, but it was instead resolved by the extinction of deceit surrounding him and his mother. The main cause of the family struggle in the Schell family was due to the deceitful actions by Oskar and his mother, and the inability to express emotions and feeling between Grandma Schell and Thomas Sr. Within the finale of the novel, the reader witnesses a beginning to the fixed relationship between Oskar and his mother, but also the separation of a failed relationship between Grandma and Thomas. Even though one relationship was not able to survive through the trauma, the relationship between Oskar and his mother is fixed with truth and also implied that their
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