Dress Code Argumentative Essay

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2017 has been a year supporting female empowerment, expression, and confidence with your body. So why should girls feel ashamed of their bodies in the environment where they should feel the safest? The dress code should be less restrictive because, it’s unfairly targeted at females, it makes women feel less confident, and it restricts most athletic clothing made for girls. Schools continually enforce rules that they’ve had since they were founded. Times change, and rules need to too.
Whether or not the dress code is specifically targeted at females, it feels like we are the ones suffering from it. It’s hard to say that men are affected by the dress code, when most stores don’t sell guys clothing that goes against dress code rules. One of the teachers at Glenpool Middle School said that the three inch rule (The rule in which straps on clothing have to be 3 inches or wider) is mainly there so bra straps don’t show, but realistically, a strap is just a piece of material. Some people think that the dress codes are important because boys might get distracted by shoulders and straps, but why should ladies let them see their bodies as objects? Girls shouldn’t have to change what they wear based on the …show more content…

Basketball shorts and sweatpants are really some of the only athletic clothing girls to wear for athletics. In some sports like track though, the baggy pants aren’t really aerodynamic. It makes running feel harder and makes the wind pull you back easier. Some people argue that boys run in basketball shorts just fine, but even if they were to compromise in most sports, there would still be dangerous effects in mainly female dominated sports. In cheerleading, when the girls stunt, loose clothing gets caught on people. If someone is getting spotted on a tumbling pass, fingers can get caught in long shorts and get broken. Most sportswear is not within the dress code, and compromising can have dangerous

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