Dress Code Persuasive Essay

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The controversy on dress codes is a common issue throughout a majority of schools. In today’s society, ripped jeans and skin-revealing shirts are chic and stylish, but are prohibited by the restricting rules of dress code. Often students have trouble staying in dress code to fit in with the trend. In causation, most students that violate the code, interfere with the learning atmosphere and negatively affects the reputation of the school. On the other hand, Schools with new uniforms face parents and student unable to afford uniforms and the diversity of the student body. Although the dress code provides the students a sense of personal style, uniforms create social equality and reduces the time for students to get ready in the morning making it more beneficial. When standing from afar, most can tell how much wealth a person can have based on their clothing. In schools, students can tell the same idea, however, uniforms provide this evenhandedness between the two economic standings. More specifically, in the United States, the economy has created a disparity increasing the gap between the higher class and the middle class. Often the children of these families go to the same school, but their social background remains different. Wearing a uniform eliminates the gap that is created by the distinction of clothing. In the article, it is well described in the sentence: “(The Uniform) reduces the barriers that poverty and wealth naturally create” (Vittana 1). Students can
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