Dress Code Persuasive Speech

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I would like to apologize before hand. I think I’m going to have to go on a rant. This is an atrocious epidemic that affects a multitude of people around the world, it’s the new bubonic plague! A multitude of people have succumb to this pandemic. Worse is, almost the same about of people have perished trying to find a cure for this horrendous thing. This ghastly epidemic is running rampant not only throughout the school system but throughout the world! This gruesome thing is dress code.
I’m sure you must have heard about it. This sucker is deadly, don’t mess with it or you’ll lose. Trust me I’ve tried and all it’s gotten me is grounded, a multitude of trips to the office, clothes being taken away, and 7-10 days of ISS. I see dress code almost as a Burmese python, you pick out a good outfit and dress code chokes the life out of it. This pandemic has murdered millions upon millions of outfits. Maybe even billions! Let me tell you a story about a boy whose life was ruined because of dress code. Once upon a time there was a boy. He was in the 11th grade and he thought he was living the life. Coming off the best summer he had ever had he thought, for sure, this would be the best school year yet. Over the summer he had gotten a whole new wardrobe, and changed his style completely, for the better. He didn't
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Like Oh my goodness! Look he is showing 4 inches of skin above the knee! WHAT A DELINQUENT! I can see dress code being in place for certain thing such as tank tops and crop tops or even people coming to school naked; however, shorts that aren't distracting and covered for about 90% of the day are out of sight under a desk, shouldn't be a problem. The student in the story has thousands of dollars in clothes that he can't even wear 5 days out of the week because they are "Too short" or "distracting" or even "prevent a class from going on and other students from learning". Dress code is worse than the bubonic plague, and it needs to
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