Dress Code Policies In Schools

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Do we as learners think having an enforced dress code interferes with student education and/or life at school? Some facilitators and parents have enforced different dress code regulations to keep the learners looking to professional standards as much as possible. Other facilitators, parents, and even learners disagree with dress code policies. The way teens dress has become a daily argument in homes and schools. In your opinion should these dress code regulations be enforced among learners whether it is gender enforced or school wide forced? First of all, most people express themselves through their style of clothing that they wear. Each individual has their own personal style. Whether it is the clothes they wear, or the way they wear their hair, but with dress code those…show more content…
A lot of people express themselves through hair colors. They may not always be the typically normal hair colors like brown, blonde, or red. People should be able to have whatever hair color and piercings they would like. Learners and/or facilitators should be able to be open minded to any different kinds of hair, tattoos, and piercing expressions that they please to have. They should be able to do this without having to worry if they will get the job they want or if they are going to have to buy certain clothing and utensils to cover their tattoos or piercings. Considering it is their body, nobody else should have a say whether they need to cover up or not. In conclusion, we have all seen many different incidents are schools and jobs about their learners or employees out of dress code content. Dress codes have become a really big issue for teens in middle/high school. Learners/facilitators/bosses/principals, etc. have all taken it onto themselves to enforce a dress code that most students do not even follow. However, everyone should be free to do, dress, and style as they please to do
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