Dress Code Problems In School

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Over the years more and more schools are adopting some form of a dress code, these dress codes are often implemented to focus more on education rather than fashion which has led to a lack of creative freedom, it is assumed that boys cannot control themselves, boys dress codes are more lenient than girls dress codes, and so many other problems. All of these problems come from three major issues regarding dress code, which is sexism, dress codes are considered more important than education, and the overall affects dress codes have on students. According to Merriam Webster, dress code is formally or socially imposed standards of dress. Dress codes cause a number of problems in schools throughout the world and all of these problems stem from the fact that school systems use dress codes in order to make the focus more on education. In the end dress codes end up doing quite the opposite. In schools, dress codes cause sexism in schools, they make schools place this code over everything else, the aftermath of dress codes are negative, and they also cause a lack of creative freedom.
Sexism in schools is so prominent due to dress codes due to the unfairness between male and female dress codes. It is often thought that what a female student is wearing can be more distracting than what a male student wears. The reason for this belief is that ever since childhood society teaches kids that it is the woman 's fault if a male is distracted in any way by her. This causes a lot of
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