Dress Code Sexism Essay

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One day at Independence High School (IHS), administrators came to the conclusion that they would allow students to use their electronic devices during lunch. Students were happy as they jumped and screamed when they heard the news. Gianna, a junior at IHS what happy, but wasn't a estatic. She was proud, self-proclaimed introvert, so she didn't see the point in the new rule. Maybe it was because she questioned plenty of things or maybe because she always saw the negative things instead of the positive, but she didn't think the new phone rule was a great idea. Schools and administrators are always concerned about having a free educational disruption environment, she questioned why the administrators would allow students to use phones, but not…show more content…
Dress code sexism regards the hope and change for justice. If the school is able to recognize that dress code sexism does exist, they should not think of uniforms as the number one solution. Uniforms will solve dress code sexism for a limited time. The limit is when students graduate from high school and even when students are outside of school. School uniforms are very modest. Shorts are more like capris and skirts are just above the knee. Uniforms demonstrate that being modest is socially acceptable and the antithesis is not. If girls find a way not to make uniforms modest, they are given some sort of consequence in school. The consequence part is not wrong because people should be able to follow guidelines. The problem is that this teaches students that if they see someone who is not dressed modestly in public, they should also receive consequences. School is such a big part of students’ lives and if they are being taught this at such a young age, then they are going to apply that mindset outside of school as well and later on in the future. Teaching these mindsets at an early age is like learning to read or learning a new language at an early age (Benefits). The younger you learn it, it sticks to the brain more. Uniforms are able to bring equality and neutrality, but not for long. The solution above, even though well thought out is still not enough to stop dress code sexism. Uniforms can stop that but only for a limited time and uniforms is just a lazy solution.
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