Dress Code Sexism In Girls

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Introduction: (Do not compose until Papers 1-3 have been composed) A girl by the name of Natalie becomes a victim of dress code sexism and decides to take action. The kind of scenario that Natalie was in are real stories that girls have been in. People need to know that dress code sexism does exist affecting girls negatively and that it is a problem and it needs to end. Define Problem: This is a feminist issue. It is an issue that affects both genders, but this is predominantly a woman's issue. This issue originated due to sexism existing since the beginning of the time. Having dress codes, and especially strict dress codes towards girls, is really just another form of keeping women in their place. This affects women, specifically young girls…show more content…
Proposal statement & Convincing Argument: First, awareness needs to be brought to the general public. Then, it is a matter of removing the comment about “distractions.” After that, it is about teaching students a new way of thinking when it comes to these topics. Present your claim (thesis) - Due to dress code sexism and sexism as a whole, there isn’t just one solution to solve the problem. There is a societal problem, which makes it a process to remove sexism thoughts from the majority of people. The solution is more of a plan. The plan is to remove the reasoning of no distractions, remove anything from the dress code guide that attacks girl's, remove ridiculous punishments, and teach students how to properly act if they are attracted to someone. With the solution, it is not targeting anyone. Prove your solution solves the problem It’s a matter of how the problem is brought to the public because no one likes to be lectured and no one likes to be told that they are participating in discrimination. When a big group is created and wants change, and if they are loud enough, they will get the attention from someone…show more content…
With time spent on trying to change people's mindset, this can reach to a much bigger demographic which is the ultimate goal. Opposing Argument 2: People who do not recognize it or see it as a problem. Thier stance is to just keep the dress code uniform. It is not solving the problem, only encouraging more sexist ways of thinking, Dress codes create negative stigmas towards girls. Keeping strict dress codes seems practical especially when people are told that they are installed to have a focused educational environment, and everyone wants that, but reasoning is not a valid one. The solution presented actually makes sense. It makes sense that it’s about changing a way of thinking, because sexism is a way of thinking but not a good one. Conclusion Convincing people that dress code sexism exists will start the battle and end it. With recognizing the problem, taking action by being vocal, educating people, and teaching students how to act if they are attracted to someone else, girls will no longer be a victim. If this does not happen, then administrators will try to keep the sexist dress code or try to install uniforms which do not work. Patience is key to the plan, and without girls will continue to dress according to others
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