Dress Code Violation In High School

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“I can’t believe they would call us in on a dress code violation,” Connie fumed, “What dress code!? I’ve never heard anything about the school having a dress code-” “Well and fighting-” Steven rubbed the back of his neck. How do you explain to kids it 's not okay to fight when that’s what their whole family does everyday? “Citrine’s clothes are perfectly suited to her lifestyle, so she likes to bare her gem, she’s eleven for crying out loud-” “Do you think Cairn got into it again with Bullion?” “I hope not, we can’t afford to-” “-or maybe that Vince kid,” Steven muttered as he held open the door for Connie to enter the school. “Maybe Pearl was right, maybe we should look back into homeschool-” “Morion’s doing so well though,” Steven took her…show more content…
She looked back into her partner’s eyes, his presence was as steadying and comforting as ever. She knew they’d face this as they faced every obstacle- together. “Mr. and Mrs. Universe!” “Principal Case,” they shook hands and were ushered into her inner office, past Citrine and Cairn, waiting solemnly on a bench outside the glass wall of the principal’s office. She picked up the folder in the center of her desk and flipped through the pages again as the parents took their seats across from her. “Look, I’ll be straight with you, Mrs. and Mr. Universe, we have a very loose dress code and we encourage all the children to express themselves within reason, but we simply can not allow any student to come to school in just their underwear. We’re not sure if this is indicative of some troubles at home, but it just isn’t fair to-” “Underwear!?” Steven looked out the glass wall to Citrine, who choose that moment to stretch, sending her crop top rising up her tummy. He bit his lip and turned to Connie. “I assure you, the children never leave home without being fully clothed,” Connie shook her head, glad this was just a misunderstanding, “Something must have
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