Dress Codes In High School Case Study

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Marcia was sent home from her high school in Langley, British Columbia because her tank top was showing "too much cleavage". Despite this being a serious case of sexualizing women 's boobs, a student that was wearing the exact same tank as Marcia didn 't get humiliated because she was much smaller and not as developed as Marcia, according to Shauna Pomerantz article Cleavage in a Tank Top. In cases similar to Marcia 's, school officials manipulate the school dress code policies that are written in debt before the school year begins and change it up as different situations emerge. For decades, girls all around the world have spoken out against their school dress code policies. Many of the school officials "enforce" the dress code policy a bit harsher to the female students than the male students, and that has caused a problem for both the students and parents. There has been twitter hashtags created, lawsuits, and influences that have made parents want to transfer their child to another school but none of those actions worked. Some parents would become more frustrated with principals and…show more content…
Meredith Johnson article, Sexualization, Sex Discrimination and Public School Dress Codes, published in the University of Richmond Law Review goes into greater detail on how discriminatory dress codes affect students in public schools. "Dress codes and their enforcement can impose sexuality on girls even when they do not perceive themselves in sexual terms," she mentioned in her article. School officials aren 't aware of how they are negatively influencing the male and female students when they aren 't giving them the same rights and free expression. It teaches girls that showing skin is sexual and attracts negative attention from boys and it teaches boys to view the female body sexually anytime she isn 't fully covered with clothing. At a young age, those type of influences shouldn 't be portrayed to students; in school, they should only focus
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