Dress Codes In Public Schools

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Dress Codes
America’s public schools have dress codes for students to follow, the dress codes vary between schools but overall they have to do with modesty and appropriateness. More often than not dress codes sexualize and hold students from their first amendment rights of freedom of speech. Schools support the fact if students get to freely choose their clothes (with no dress codes) that it would be distracting. When a student enter the school the negative message given off is not necessary. “Your individuality is inconvenient. The self-identity that you… express through clothing doesn 't belong here. Those opinions on your T-shirt are distracting,” (Bugg). America believes in being free to express yourself. The U.S is a free country, Americans should be able to choose are cloths freely; but
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Americans don 't need schools pressuring young and old children to stop being kids and start being adults early.*** The most important reason is that schools sexualize their dress codes. One student from Kentucky states, “It sends the message to boys that it’s all girls’ fault.… It wasn’t their fault that they were staring—it’s the girls’ fault,” (Alvarez). Is not the girls’ fault it’s the boys fault for staring. It is no secret that the Dress codes target girls, to the dress codes being exposing bra straps, showing collarbone, wearing a simple tank top, dyeing hair, and piercings. When girl are told to be modest they are being sexualized. There should be nothing wrong with a girl wearing a comfortable shirt to school; but of course the shirt shows parts of the students’ collarbone, she cannot wear it again to school. For boys it’s simply your pants are too low pull them up and be on your way. On the other hand girls are taken out of their classes to call home for another pair of clothes. And while that student is waiting, they are missing valuable learning time over a simple this as your collarbone is showing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with

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