Dress Codes In Schools Essay

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There have been discussions about dress codes for schools, specifically for public high schools. There needs to be a reasonable dress code in our schools. It has been shown that dress codes make schools safer by reducing the amount of gang violence and recruitment. They also improve learning by enforcing comfortable decent clothing. Some people who are not in favor of dress codes say dress codes should not be put in place in publicly funded schools because they limit a student’s freedom of expression. They are correct, dress codes do restrict a student’s freedom of expression. However, expression is not as important as a student’s ability to learn how to be well off in the adult world. The benefits of dress codes outweigh this one con.

The first main reason to impose dress codes in school is that they decrease gang violence. Dress codes disallow gangs members to identify each other using gang markings or clothing. Many gangs members that go to schools without dress codes wear certain clothes or markings to school to represent the gang they are in. Other students from different gangs see this and start confrontations. These fights are often violent and fatal. Schools that have dress codes that disallow gang representation do not have these kinds of
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Students need to learn what clothes are acceptable and appropriate to public and at school. This will make it easier when they look for work. People who are hiring teenagers for jobs are not going to hire someone that doesn’t know what to wear to formal and public areas. If we want our schools to train our students for adult life, we need to have a dress code in place to teach them what is ok to wear. Many critics of dress codes say that dress codes disadvantage students whose families cannot afford decent clothes. This is not correct. Many districts with dress codes have family support services that help families get free or inexpensive
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