Dress Codes In Sophocles Antigone

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What guides your confident decision to follow rules or break established rules? In the play Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone took action to bury her brother, Polyneices. For years, dress codes have taken away people’s creativity and don’t take everyone into consideration. Now, both teenage girls and boys are taking a stand to get rid of sexist dress codes. Colin Kaepernick and other athletes are taking action by taking a knee for “Black Lives Matter. No matter the cause, established rules should not be allowed to discriminate people and/or their beliefs. The play Antigone relates to the article by Gabrielle Soto because in both pieces of writing, people took a stand to rules that they felt discriminated them. In the article by Gabrielle Soto,…show more content…
The high school students in the article “Student protests over growing gender-equal dress codes” took action against dress codes that discriminate the young adults for clothes that aren’t “of the norm.” “Not only have students been disciplined for violating dress codes, some say they've faced discrimination. A high school boy on a cheerleading team in Ohio was denied lunch in early February for wearing a bow in his hair. Boys at West High School in Columbus, Ohio, then wore bows in their hair to show their solidarity for him.” This particular student was part of his school’s athletic team and his fellow students looked at him different because he decided to wear what the other members of his team were wearing. He should never be discriminated against because he wore a bow. The bow is part of the uniform, so he decided to be like the rest of his team. This boy should be given credit for wearing a bow because it isn’t of the boys’ “normal” attire and he still wore it with pride. In the article, “Colin Kaepernick and other pro athletes pay a price for activism,” Brendon Ayanbadejo took a stand to help the LGBT community, despite all of the hate mail he was getting. “That was in 2009, and even three years later, a Maryland legislator wrote the Ravens’ owner insisting the team ask Ayanbadejo to “cease and desist” his continued advocacy for gay marriage. The once little-known player was worried about possible disciplinary action from the team. Now retired as a player, Ayanbadejo stands by his decision to use his platform as a professional athlete to bring attention to a topic he felt passionately about, and said he has no regrets about blending activism with sports.” Despite what the NFL was doing, despite the hate mail he was getting,
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