Dress Codes Research Paper

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CLAIM: School dress codes shouldn’t be harsh on girls, and not on boys. Girl’s are more targeted because they have more things to get dress coded for, for instance, they have Tank tops, V-Neck Shirts, Shorts, Makeup, Dresses, Jeans, and much more for unecessary things that shouldn’t be dress coded. Guys have more freedom, they could only get dress coded for short shorts, and never wear short shorts. Guys don’t have much dress codes, but they do if they symbolize gangs on their shirts, or wear tank tops and that is pretty much all. I don’t think dress codes should be very harsh, and take away someone’s freedom. I do not think uniforms should be allowed either. They take away people’s expression, they’re too expensive, and it is hard to find people you need to find when you need a specific person. The kids is the picture below would be hard to find, because they are dress so similar. It is not only girls, but guys in the 1960’s and 1970’s were also attacked by their long hair, so they had to cut it short. Girl’s are more attacked on their leggings, and yoga pants, while some schools banned them.I think girls should be able to wear leggings, if it’s not sheer, or not covered by a shirt. I do not agree that they should fully ban leggings and yoga pants, when girls just want to be…show more content…
The researchers revised the disciplinary actions before and after the uniforms, and females had more good things than boys. The researchers listed the benefits from the uniforms the schools have, like more kids were better in school, they didn’t do bad things, and stopped bullying, or joined more clubs and groups, uniforms had a good effect on the students. The researchers asked students if they thought the kids would thinks they would improve in school, and 30 percent said that they think they did better when they wore
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