Drew Disaster: Finding My Fashion Icon

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As a young woman of color with a unique taste in fashion, it is very hard to find fashion icons that I can follow. I grew up admiring celebrities like Megan Fox, Victoria Justice, and Emma Watson; whose styles are difficult to imitate because their perfect features and body shapes which are different from mine. It took years of me hiding my body in t-shirts and skinny jeans to realize that fashion icons could be found more than just on television and in magazines. It was only when I discovered Youtube fashion did I find my fashion icon. While she is not viral or well-known by any means, she means a lot to a woman of color like me that adores her style. On Youtube her name is Drew Disaster, and she spends most of her time making funny videos with the occasional try on clothing hauls and hair tutorials thrown in. Her style could be described as pastel goth, creepy cute, or grunge, and despite all of those odd sounding categories, she makes every outfit unique and adorable.…show more content…
She has struggled with depression and self-harm her entire life and still manages to produce videos for her fans because she inspires them to have self-confidence and do what makes them happy. She has made many videos where she has admitted that she struggles every day with her mental health, and for someone like me that struggles with self-esteem and depression, she makes me feel as if I am a part of a supportive group where she and her fans accept each other as we come, and can tell people to dress how they are the happiest. The feelings of community and support combined with great style and comedic videos is why Drew Disaster is my favorite fashion

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