Drink Drive Die Argumentative Analysis

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Drink, Drive, Die In the United States, almost thirty deaths occur daily due to a drunk driving accident; equaling one death every 51 minutes("Impaired Driving"). If drunk drivers were arrested on their first offense, this number could be reduced significantly. Drivers that were involved in crashes that resulted in death were six times more likely to have a prior conviction for driving under the influence than other drivers with no alcohol in their system("Impaired Driving"). Drunk drivers should be imprisoned on their first offense. In 2013, thirty one percent of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. were caused by drunk driving. The people most effected are children, teenagers, senior citizens, and motorcyclists. Seventeen percent of traffic-related deaths in children from birth to fourteen years of age involved a drunk driver. Young people with any level of blood alcohol concentration are more likely to be involved in crashes than adults(“Impaired Driving”). It was found in spring of 2008 that there were two million three-time and four hundred thousand five-time drunk driving offenders. It is estimated by…show more content…
In fall of 2014, Destiny and her family were in a life changing car accident caused by a drunk driver. Tragically, this easily preventable accident took the lives of Destiny’s husband, Corey, and their one year old son, Parker. “The actions of this one selfish person who thought they were ‘ok’ to drive instantly took the life of my sweet innocent fifteen month old son in the back seat.” Mantia told Huffington. “She ended any dreams that we may have had together and caused a pain that I never knew existed.” One should never underestimate the level of intoxication of the driver while alcohol is present in the driver’s system, he has an altered mental state(“Impaired
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