Drink Persuasive Speech

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Drinking: DON’T SIT YOUR DRINK DOWN ANYWHERE! Avoid the danger of someone spiking your drink while it’s unattended by being extra cautious. Driving: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! To avoid problems with accidents and the law, have someone “sober” drive for you. Public Events: Be aware of your surroundings at all times! Never go to these types of places by yourself and ensure your communication device is fully charged before leaving the house. No Fireworks or Guns: This will be enforced to the fullest by law enforcement when it comes to New Year’s Eve festivities. If you are caught with fireworks or a firearm, it may be more than just a fine; it may possibly lead to jail time! Friends: If you plan on going anywhere for the New Year’s Eve holiday, take friends with you! When going to any type of party or…show more content…
Pet Safety: Nothing frightens pet’s more than sudden loud noises. Extra attention must be given so your pets won’t run away in a panic. Scared pets can be hit by cars, cause accidents, and become lost
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