Drinking Age

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Should the Drinking Age be Lowered? The national drinking age should not be lowered. The reason the drinking age should not be lowered is because of college students. Accidents and other risks such as mental problems occur. Since the brain is still developing many things occur such as emotional ,behavior, and accidents. Eighteen year olds are not responsible enough to consume alcohol. Eighteen year olds aren’t responsible because they can have different behaviors and act differently more than they should. Some of the behaviors that teenagers or college students react by aggression or sexual assault. Usually depends how aggressive you could get with the amount of alcohol in you body. Many serious cases do occur when the person is drunk. Fights occur just when you give dirty looks or stare at another drunkie. Most of the time people who drink are not as violent. As when they are drunk some get very violent. Binge drinking increases the amount of aggression that can happen. Binge drinking is when someone excessively drinks too many beer/ alcohol. Aggression depends on hitting, fighting, punching another person. Aggression does not just happend but sexual assault does. Sexual assault it is practically raping another person intending to rape. Sexual assault, first starts off with flirtation and glares. While being drunk a lot of teenagers don 't know what going on, and they might force someone to be intimate with them. When a person is drunk they might have another
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