Essay On Should Drinking Age Be Lowered

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Should the Drinking Age be Lowered? The national drinking age should not be lowered. The reason the drinking age should not be lowered is because of college students. Accidents and other risks such as mental problems occur. Since the brain is still developing many things occur such as emotional ,behavior, and accidents. Eighteen year olds are not responsible enough to consume alcohol. Eighteen year olds aren’t responsible because they can have different behaviors and act differently more than they should. Some of the behaviors that teenagers or college students react by aggression or sexual assault. Usually depends how aggressive you could get with the amount of alcohol in you body. Many serious cases do occur when the person is drunk. Fights…show more content…
By being Emotional, having a different behavior or driving can lead into being immature. Alot of people or teenager that usually drink and while they are drunk they get emotional. That some might even say that they need to go to rehab. By crying and being happy is one of the effectss alcohol does. Depression is one out of the many emotions that does happends. Anxiety does occur too. Anxiety when someone has the lack of being confident, and believing that nothing can happend or be accomplished when you are sober.Anger is one as well by being drunk you can be very angry at your self or someone that suicide or killing someone can occur. There’s many emotions but these are the ones the most likely occur to a sober person. Especially teens” plenty of accidents occur while being under the influence of alcohol.Most happen when teens are driving. When they are inexperienced drivers. Driving accidents lead on to deaths, brian damage, or very hard injuries that can never be fixed. Impared driving is when someone is drinking and driving. Alot of teenagers that drink also change their behavior. They change their behavior by being more demanding and being controlling. Sober people are very uncontrollable with their feelings from being emotional to driving and having a different behavior. This is all the matter of fact on being under the influnce of
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