Drinking Age Should Not Be Lowered

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Why the Drinking Age should Not be Lowered Imagine seeing a loved one being in a drunk driving accident, now imagine them being the drunk driver. All of this could have been avoided if the drinking age was not lowered, but some may disagree. Many people believe that if the drinking age were lowered, these problems would no longer be an issue. But many also believe that the problem would just become worse and maybe even cause greater issues. Lowering the drinking age could also cause problems like violent behavior, and intoxication. Also drinking could cause more problems in schools and workplaces. The drinking age should not be lowered from 21, it would not solve the problems and with anything it would make it worse. A lower drinking age would increase deaths from drinking. Most drinkers die at a younger age due to alcohol poisoning and other issues which would increase with a lower age. This should not be something that we should take lightly, and lowering the drinking age would make this issue worse because more people would end up dying from drinking. Younger drinkers would have a higher risk of death, mostly because their bodies are not fully developed yet. Drinking when brains are not fully developed can slow down the development and learning process. Another reason the age should not be lowered is…show more content…
This would lead to more students not focusing on their school work, peer pressure would also begin to affect students, if they could get alcohol from peers. This could eventually give every student in the school access to alcohol. A article on ProCon.org states, “ Seventy-seven percent of Americans would go against lowering the drinking age.” This could lead to more protests and attacks, and more schools would protest against the lower age. With problems already occurring with terrorist attacks, we do not need more attacks just about
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