Drinking Age Should Stay The Same Essay

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Okay, so let’s say that you’re at a party with your friends and you guys are drinking, then you hear a police car; your first instinct is to run, but you’re too drunk to think or even move. Then the cops come and pick you up and you get in trouble. You know that you got caught drinking because you were underage and because your brain isn’t fully developed, so you couldn’t process as well as you should have, so at that moment you got caught drinking. Aren’t you so smart? So now I ask you, do you really want to be in trouble with the law and everyone see you differently and judge you for one mistake you made? I believe that the drinking age should stay the same. There are many arguments about lowering the drinking age. People believe that if you can live on your own and be “independent” at eighteen, then you should be able to drink at eighteen. Also if you can go and enlist for war at eighteen and do anything as an adult then it should be lowered. But you have to think some of you guys haven’t even matured and you want to be treated as an adult. Like, how about not you can wait till the age of twenty-one. I still believe that the drinking age should stay the same, because you’re not quite mature, it causes diseases and self-harm to you or to others. To begin, teenagers do not have a fully developed brain to consume alcohol. They haven’t matured yet.…show more content…
The three major reasons are that the brain isn’t fully developed, it can cause self-harm and others around you and also it can cause many different diseases. I feel that listeners should move not to drink. A drinking life might sound fun at the moment and fun to do with friends, but you have to realize the long term affect. They should want to live their life to the fullest and that you don’t need to drink to have fun. Also many people don't want to live a life with struggling to lived and always have to go to

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