Drinking Age To 18 Essay

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Drinking alcohol and consuming it irresponsibly is a great responsibility that ought to be left up to adults. Teenagers shouldn’t be drinking at the age of eighteen. Drinking at this young age can have effects on the human body and brain. The drinking age should stay being twenty- one. Further, a younger drinking age causes a controversy: some feel that the age twenty-one is a proper age for people to start drinking. Certainly, the drinking age of eighteen is not appropriate because drinking excessively can cause harm to the brain and body, drinking and driving is dangerous, and drinking can cause violent behavior.
Drinking excessively can cause harm to the brain and body. The effects of alcohol on teens when they drink a large amount of alcohol
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Drinking extremely large amounts of alcohol can cause problems for that person and the people around them. Alcohol plays a big part by influencing people minds. If adolescents drink alcohol, then it can cause problems for their actions. For example, on New Year’s Eve in the year 2013, a teenager was punched and gravely injured by another adolescent who ingested to much alcohol.
Opponents of these views present several arguments. Some students on college campuses believe that they should be able to drink at the age of eighteen. There has been much debate about whether the legal drinking age had better be lowered in America. At the age of eighteen teens are legal under the law to marry, join the military, vote, and more. These students see that teens can do all this under the law so they also want to drink at this same age since they are legal to do many other things.
However, these views may easily be refuted. Drinking is a responsibility meant for adults. Teens drinking at this age can lead to mental and physical problems for the person. The drinking age should stay twenty-one so that they will be more responsible about drinking. This will also help to prevent more
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