Drinking And Driving Persuasive Speech

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Having a couple of drinks with friends after a long day at work seems to be okay. At first, it is just one then before you know it you have had three beers. Three beers? It does not seem like a big number. You should be okay to drive? Right? Wrong. One of the biggest problems we have today is with people getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while or after they have been drinking. At first it does not seem like a big deal. You are an adult. You make your own decisions. Did you know that alcohol can alter your decision making and slow down your reaction time? Depending on how much you drink, you can also see double. Getting behind the wheel after you have had a few drinks is a big deal! Drinking and driving can not only harm you but those around you. Getting behind the wheel while drinking can be a life changing event. If you were to get pulled over by police and blow over the legal limit you can be charged with a D.U.I. A D.U.I is serious and can cost you your license or your job. Not only could you harm yourself, you could injure or kill someone around you. Could you live with yourself if you ran head on into a car with a mother and child? How about if it was…show more content…
You can call a cab, Uber, bus, or a friend. Always make sure you have a designated driver or a D.D as some people call it. A Designated Driver should be sober at all times. Another solution could be to stay if it is a house party. If the bar is close to your destination you can walk. There are many solutions to drinking and driving, you just have to stop and think. The number one solution is to think before you drink. Do I have a Designated Driver? If the answer is no, then do not pick up that drink! Drinking and driving is a serious offence. Law enforcement across the Nation are cracking down on drunk driving. Always remember to drive sober or get pulled over! Drinking and driving is not worth any
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