Drinking And Driving Rhetorical Analysis

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What is the advertisement’s argument? It is to not drink and drive, as drinking and driving will most likely kill you and your pet at home will be waiting for you to get home as they are unaware of your death and will not know why Who is the intended audience? People who drink and also have the license to drive. Identify two (2) examples of the rhetorical appeals used in the advertisement. i) Pathos ii) Logos Explain how the advertisement had used the rhetorical appeals identified in Qn 3 to persuade the audience of its choice. The advertisement uses Pathos to appeal to the reader’s emotions. Many readers are emotionally connected to their pets and upon seeing such an ad, they would be less likely to consider not drinking and driving …show more content…

The reader will proceed to imagine such a scenario and thus, this will stimulate the feeling of guilt and sorrow, which will convince them not to drink and drive. “simple solution” is also another technique that can be used that is effective as it makes people understand that life will be easier and better without drinking and driving. Drinking and driving a cause a lot of complications such as the guilt, the loss of a loved one, anger and sorrow. “simple solution” provides the reader will an easy solution by using their emotions to capture their understanding of the situation. The reader will come to understand that not drinking and driving is the best thing to do to avoid unnecessary complications. These persuasion techniques are also effective as they are able to appeal to emotion with logical reasoning at the same time. This is very effective as readers will be more attracted to emotions than statistics or facts are given to them as it does not connect to most of the readers personally. Therefore, the persuasion techniques used are very

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